Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

I'm sure you all have heard of hypoallergenic and non-shedding dogs in the past. But do you have any idea what this actually means? Do you know what exactly a hypoallergenic dog is?
The first and biggest misconception that people have about these dogs is that they are completely allergy free. The definition of hypoallergenic basically refers to any dog who has a reduced tendency to cause allergic reactions. So don't think that hypoallergenic dogs do not cause any allergies at all.
Two other things which you need to understand is that there is no dog in this which is completely hypo-allergenic and there is no dog in this world that is completely no shedding.
There are more than 10 million American's who suffer from some type of allergy or the other. That being said, it is not much of a surprise that so many American citizens are opting for hypoallergenic dogs. You can't really blame them now can you? I'm sure you wouldn't want to be sneezing and sniffing all day long now would you?
There are cases when hypoallergenic dogs cause absolutely no allergic reaction in people but you can't be 100 % sure of this. The simple fact is that you will never be sure until you try it out yourself. Another advantage of hypoallergenic dogs is that they don't shed too much either. This means you won't have to spend hours cleaning hair off all your clothes and furniture. Doesn't that make keeping a dog so much easier?
While it is important for a dog to be non-shedding in order for it to be hypoallergenic, the fact of the matter still remains that even the hairless dog breeds have dander, urine and saliva. So no matter which dog breed you go for, allergic reactions are not something you can shy away from.
That being said, people who are suffering from allergies prefer getting non-shedding dogs not only because of the convenience of doing so but also because of the reduction in the number of allergic reactions. Basically, nothing is confirmed when it comes to allergic reactions and hypoallergenic dogs. You may have different reactions from different breeds and you may also have different reactions from different dogs of the same breed. Like I said, you can't really be sure.
So instead of wasting any more time discussing whether it would be worth it for you to get a hypoallergenic dog or not, why don't you just go to your local animal shelter and try being around dogs for a while?
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